Podcast 002




  1. Yesterday I introduced my podcast series! It was a ton of fun to record, and do radio show type editing in my DAW. The New Mic sounds amazing and I’m loving it so far. We talked about Gregariousness,  the Aphex Vintage Exiter,  Organizing your music library, Coachella and Soundcloud News,  Moscow Mules, Beef Wellingtons, and of course a TON OF GREAT MUSIC!

New Business

  1. Today I  will keep the ball rolling and continue to deliver great content for you guys to tune into and absorb all within one hour.
  2. For those of just tuning in for the first time  my main Main focus is showing you all forms of electronic  music I find that day, Vocab word of the day, Featured plugin I’m playing with and what it sounds like, DJ tip of the day, EDM news, Upcoming shows this week, what I would pregame with on my way to one of those shows, and finally what’s for dinner. Links to everything will be in the description. Lets get it! DAY 2 WOO!


    • 10  New Featured Tracks:  


  • Hardwell & KSHMR – Power (Lucas & Steve Extended Remix)
  • Jan Leyk – SOS (Extended Mix)
  • Mike Williams & Dastic – You & I
  • RetroVision & Raven & Kreyn – Nobody Else
  • Will Sparks – What I Do (Extended Remix)
  • MGMT – Kids (Codeko Remix)
  • Eiffel 65 – Blue (Bottail Extended Mix)
  • TJR & Reece Low Feat. Fatman Scoop – Check This (Extended Mix)
  • Jordan Jay – Be Alright (VIP Mix)
  • Lil Uzi – Bardock




  • Vocab Word:
  • Scinllinate: To Sparkle with Wit and Humor.
  • Ex. Comedians, how they scillinate their audience when they murder a set.


    • Featured Plugin:


  • API-55A
  • DJ TIP:




  • BE YOU. Be yourself, don’t play how you think others will want you to play, just do the best you can, have fun, and the good vibes will follow.  Some people might not agree with your set, well….they are not YOU. You are the leader, the conductor of which direction you want take the set. Yes sometimes you’ll make bad decisions, but that’s fine, because you’ll learn from it. Like imagine if you’re playing in from of a massive crowd and you do a poll as to what track to play next, you’ll get back a ridiculous slew of different tracks, incliding ones that make no fucking sense and don’t even vibe with the set. Like would you go to a restauraunt and walk up to the chef and be like…hmmm can you like add a lil cayenne, a ton of salt, extra sauce, like that is how you should make this dish I want. You go to a bank and be like hmmmm. Lemme count that money for ya. My point is when you have the privilege of being behind the decks and you’re doing your job – don’t let anyone tell you how to do your job when they have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about. Some people just need to get put in their place.




  • Is an invite only festival featuring powehouse DJs and Producers all aboard a cruise ship. There are two installments of the event one of which is happening ending right now actually, and another one from the 10th of January till the 13th. Cool thing about this festival is that its super intimate. Like you can pretty much be staying in a cabin right next to Kaskades. It’s Nuts!. The party is non-stop, all day, all night, and I believe the cruise takes you from Miami to the Bahamas and back.
  • Some crazy news this year though with Holy ship, a bunch of arrest were issued on drug related charges prior to the first installments departure, and Gina Turner, the legendary Laidback Lukes now recently ex wife was one of those arrested. Looks like she’ll be dealing with some issues as 2018 kicks off. Laidback Luke was a class act through via his twitter page, and wishes her all the best. The two have a child together
  • DeadMau5 was also aboard the ship under his alias TestPilot this past weekend and his twitter feed doe,   seems like he doesn’t vibe too well with the “broey” shipfam. Following his set though he received some love and all turned out well.
  • FESTIVAL LINEUPS: BONAROO,  FIREFLY, SHAKY BEATS are out. So check those out.




  • Trance Producer and DJ Gareth Emery has recently been put on blast for allegedly stealing images from artist Pieke Roelofs for Photo and Grime, She called him out on twitter, he apparently tried to make amends by making her co-writer and co-director on his next music video, yada yada yada, then she got ghosted. Apparently. Also on a kind of related but other note she mentions how right after that whole fiasco she experienced another form of rather gruesome abuse and talks about how she was hospilalized and underwent some serious depression after she was raped and assaulted by youtuber Exurb1a. Really tough stuff to hear, and I honestly have no idea what to think about the whole thing. Sometimes I can get too analytical and I kind of try to investigate both sides of the coin instead of jumping the gun. Anyways, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments!
  • Audio Technica New Line of Wireless Headphones
  • I love Audio Technica I’m wearing a pair or Red ATH=M50’s not the X right now actually. So they have a wide range of wireless headphones they will release, from the sporty and portable  in ear wireless earbuds, to the bass heavy noise cancelling over ear headphones. Prices range from $69-$249 bucks and surely all of them are worth their price point.
  • Whatchu guys think? Should I do a review of them? Haha Let me know in the comments.




  • Codes @ Bar Smith in Phoenix
  • YehME2 @ Maya NIghtclub: apparently he has been making some moves so look out for his this year. He’s on the bill for Shaky Beats Music Festival I just mentioned. Solid
  • Sex on The Beach: Geat for those warmer summer or in my case year round’ Arizona Nights. Here’s what it contains.




  • Vodka
  • Peach Snappps
  • Orange Juice
  • Cranberry Juice
  • A recipe for good ol’ times. The peach snapps is the secret ingedient in this one. I think Peach snapps goes fantastic in many cocktail drinks, and it really brings this one together. Just be careful because its already sweet at usually 15%abv. So make sure not to go too overboard, and stay light on the mixers as well if you want this drink to get the job done. Garnish with Fresh Orange, Maybe some Pineapple, a nice mini tiki Umbrella and they ya go! We Ready to party!




  • Quick EDUCATION: Malt vs Hops in terms of Beer. Malt is the sweetness, and Hops is the bitterness. In plain off the cuff terms. If you guys want to know more about this kind of stuff. Let me know in the comments!
  • Tonight I’m feeling a Burger. Just a homemade all american burger recipe. So stay tuned for that on my social media. Check out the aftermath pics.



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