JVSTYN – the New York raised but German native, produces original heavy hitting euphoric dance tracks and mixes. With over 10 years of live DJ performance experience in not only in the U.S. but around the world it’s safe to say that he is far from just getting started. He has performed in countries including Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Czech Republic, and Greece. A virtuoso in his craft – and a firm believer in the “10,000 hour rule”

JVSTYN has always been into the now coined term “EDM” well before it became mainstream around the year 2012 – he just didn’t know it at the time. From producing tracks on CakeWalk, or jamming out to works by Prodigy, and the now popular song featured in Six Flags Commercials by the Vengaboys – there was always a particular style sound that stood out to him. This was especially when it came to music featured in films and T.V. shows. Two producers he has always looked up to is Bruce Falconer (Dragon Ball Z Original Series SoundTrack) and Hanz Zimmer (THE Blockbuster Sound Guy…)

JVSTYN’s objective is transparent, he wants to produce music that people want to listen to, plain and simple. The best part… His performances will take you on a journey of not only familiarity, but also into the unknown. Why?

JVSTYN does not believe in mixing in only one genre. He loves Deep House just as much as He Loves Melodic Trance, just as much as he loves Dubstep and Riddim, just as much as he loves Hardstyle. His goal is to unite all people stuck in their own particular “church”.

JVSTYN allows the audience to control the outcome of the night in the most interactive and unique DJ performance the world has ever seen.

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