Dark Euphoria

Jvstyn the New York raised but German native, produces original heavy hitting euphoric dance tracks and mixes. With over 10 years of live DJ performance experience in not only in the U.S. but around the world it’s safe to say that he is far from just getting started. He has performed in countries including Spain, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Czech Republic, and Greece. Considered “the perfect sleeper”, a virtuoso waiting to be discovered.

Electronic Dance Music has been stolen by the pop music industry; the quality and complexity of music is deteriorating which motivates JVSTYN to create his own genre. A type of music that is centered on bigroom house love, with deep bass influence and electro complexity. Dark Euphoria. His objective is transparent, he wants to produce music that people want to listen to, not music that people should listen to. His performances will take you on a journey of not only familiarity, but also into the unknown.